Affordable health care for the Elderly - Costa Rica Dental Destination
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Affordable health care for the Elderly

19 Jul Affordable health care for the Elderly

As a professional Elderly Care Advisor or Independent Living Concierge, do you have clients who need Dental Care and cannot afford it? Baby Boomers are finding that they cannot afford the high cost of dental care in the U.S.  Even with Dental Insurance, the deductibles can be too high. Dental care is important not only for one’s health, but also for appearance and self-esteem.  We would like to offer you our services as a solution to this problem.  Costa Rica Dental Destination is a facilitator of services for one of the top Dental Clinics in Costa Rica. Would your clients like to combine the trip of a lifetime while undergoing dentistry under the care of some of the highest qualified professionals?

The quality of Costa Rican Dental care is excellent, rated one of the best systems worldwide. It tends to cost 1/3 to 1/5 of the total price and about half with them included. That is why it is consistently within the top 5 destinations for Dental Tourism. 90% of the services provided are for people from other countries. Costa Rica is ranked 3rd worldwide by the World Health Organization for the highest quality of Dental Surgery. The Dentist in Costa Rica are highly trained professionals, often trained in the US or Europe, with specialized degrees. Most have advanced training in the most innovative procedures. The cutting edge equipment used is manufactured in the US or Europe. The clinics have on site laboratories that reduces the time needed for processing.  From most cities in the U.S., it is only a 3 to 5 hour flight.

Often, patients find that their insurance will cover them in Costa Rica. Our clinic is affiliated with the American Dental Association. They can be reimbursed or find that the trip actually costs less than their deductible. More than 150 million North Americans are not covered with Dental Care in their Insurance Policies.