Associate Dental Program - Costa Rica Dental Destination
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Build your future by creating smiles 

Case Example 1

2 Surgical extractions, Bone graft, 2 Implants with Porcelain crowns

Procedure Savings

Your friend saves over 7,000 US Dollars

Associate Commisions

You collect over 190 US dollars in commission

Case Example 2

Cleaning, 1 Porcelain crown, 6 simple composite cavities, laser whitening

Procedure Savings

Your friend saves over 2,200 US dollars.

Associate Commisions

You collect over 84 US dollars in commision

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Many Dental Insurance Providers work with our dentists to further your savings on dental work!

More than 150 million North Americans are not covered with Dental Care in their Insurance Policies.  Cost savings is of the utmost importance.  Costa Rica is known for its high quality and affordable Dental Care.  Many of the procedures represent up to a 75% savings without compromising the excellence of the work, materials and equipment.  Therefore Dental Tourism has been on the rise for the last 30 years in Costa Rica.  90% of the services provided are for people from other countries. Why not combine the trip of a lifetime while undergoing dentistry under the care of some of the highest qualified professionals?


Increase Your Commissions by joining our vacation package associate program as well at

Case Example 3

Smile Makeover with 10 Porcelain Veneers and Cleaning

Procedure Savings

Your friend saves over 7,600 US dollars.

Associate Commisions

You collect over 229 US dollars in commision