Dental Tourism - Costa Rica Dental Destination
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It is no secret that medical tourism has been on the rise over the last few decades. Prices in some countries are so high that they have forced patients to look for better options abroad. Even if it sounds a bit risky in the beginning, once they complete their treatments, and see the results of a truly professional dental work in their own mouths, most end up wondering why they hadn´t done it before.

  • Top Quality, Affordable dental care at ½ the cost of US procedures after travel costs.
  • 150 million North Americans don’t have dental insurance and cannot afford local treatments and procedures.
  • Highly trained dental experts with the most innovative procedures.
  • State of the art equipment and laboratories.
  • Clinical results determined that there is a 93% to 95% success rate with Dental and Medical procedures.
  • Close proximity to the US with discounted tickets on major airlines.
  • Highly desired vacation spot, making it easy to combine a family or annual trip.
  • Often, patients find that their insurance will cover them in Costa Rica.
  • The travel safety factor is much higher in Costa Rica than many other countries.
  • It is an exciting place to visit and vacation. The money you save can be used to enjoy your trip.
Costa Rica is a great destination for dental tourism, chosen by a number of patients every year.

Because medical tourism is commonplace in the country. Costa Rica has been providing a variety of dental treatments tailored to each patient’s wishes and needs for over a decade (and delivering great results at attractive prices!), but at many other clinics that attend a lot of specialties in other medical institutions.